Our classes are designed to encourage the owner to understand their dog’s learning pattern, and be able to train the dog in situations outside the class. Our classes do not exceed 7 dogs, and are graded to ensure an optimal learning environment. Therefore you will see we hold puppy, intermediate, bronze, silver and gold classes depending on your dog’s ability (and age). Our trainers will help with specific training needs as well as everyday commands and behaviours.

Our puppy course consists of 12 lessons; bronze, silver and gold are 6 weeks long, but we expect you will need at least 2 courses to progress to the next level. Our trainers will advise you when they think you are ready for the next move.

Traditional training courses use the voice command followed by physically showing the dog what you expect it to do. Our trainers use a mixture of traditional and more modern methods which encourages the dog to think for itself and work out what you expect from it. All our methods are non confrontational and we do not believe in the use of check chains, slip collars or extending leads.


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