Puppy and Intermediate courses

Please note: these courses are very popular and we therefore suggest you contact us as early as possible (before you get your puppy) to book in. Sometimes you may have to wait for up to 2-3 months to get a place. If your puppy is too old by the time a place becomes available you may be asked to join another class. Please ensure you pay promptly otherwise your place may get re-allocated. Older puppies will not be able to join half way through a course, but will automatically go into the basic class.

The course runs for 12 lessons.

The first week is always without your dog so that the instructor can provide you with useful information about how to care for and train your puppy. It is also an opportunity to meet the other members of the course and discuss puppy matters!

The instructor assists you to teach your puppy the skills required to be a good companion. The emphasis is on socialising your puppy with other dogs and people, so that he grows up to be a secure individual, confident in his environment.

You will also learn how to teach your dog the sit, down, recall, lead walking, door manners and a short stay. All methods used are kind and fair using food, toys, play and praise. Handling, grooming and general care skills are also demonstrated.

The instructor will also be able to answer questions you may have about your dog’s training and care.

The course costs £72 for 12 lessons. After this course the pups move into the 6 lesson bronze class.

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