Bath Dog Training Club is a not for profit voluntary organisation based in Bath. It is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership and follows guidance from The Kennel Club.

If you would like to book onto a course, please see the ‘training’ section of the website which gives you an overview of our classes. You can leave a message with the bookings secretary on 07500 007156. To find where we train go to ‘Contact us’ and find the ‘location’ tab.

We strongly recommend that you come down one Tuesday night to see what and how we teach. This will give you an understanding of our training methods, as well as ideas to practice at home. For this session we ask that you don’t bring your dog. Once you’ve met us, you can book onto the course most relevant to your needs and experience.

We do not advocate the use of slip collars, check chains and extending leads in our training programme so please ensure your dog does not come to training classes wearing one.

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Enjoy your dog

A trained dog is a happy dog. By spending time with your dog you will increase the bond between you. Take 10-15 minutes every day to train (this could be formal training, playing or learning a new trick!) and you’ll see that your dog will respond quicker to you – even when you’re out for a walk and there’s a really good smell just round the corner! Your dog will also see you as the leader, as you are in charge of when, how often and how long the training session lasts.

New dogs and old tricks

It’s never too late to teach a dog a trick. All training is really just ‘tricks’ that you’ve taught your dog. You may be surprised how difficult it can be to make your dog understand you, so you’ll need to think up innovative ways to get through the communication barrier!

Families are welcome

We encourage everyone who is involved in walking, playing or lounging around with your dog to come to classes. Children are always keen to get involved with a new pup – by teaching them how to communicate with their dog, you’ll find less mishaps occurring along the way. Dogs need a consistent style, tone and body language to follow, especially in the early days, so all the family need to learn the rules too.

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